Sunday, August 09, 2015

Fox Ambush

I watched the first Presidential debate, hosted by Fox. Please understand this: I like Fox news and I watch it almost continually ... when the TV is on. I even wrote a previous blog post about Fox.

But, I was aghast on Tuesday at the way the Fox "Moderators" handled the show. I thought the Candy Crowley debate problem, from a prior Presidential Debate, was a new low, but Fox did her one better. (lower?)

The very first question, on opening, was to ask all the candidates if they would support the Republican nominee, regardless of who it was. They were asked to raise their hand if they would NOT support that candidate.

Here is the problem: They knew full well, before the debate even started, that only Trump fit in that category. The purpose, and only purpose, was to ambush Trump and try to embarass and knock him off balance. It didn't work!

The next Dirty Trick, shortly following, was for Ms. Kelly to recite some "not so PC statements" Trump made about women. She even twisted a statement he made on Celebrity Apprentice, which infered a crude act. If they had researched the statement (maybe they did, but chose to twist it anyway ... I have no clue) they would have discovered the actual context had nothing to do that was untoward. It was just another Cheap Trick to denegrate Trump.

Trump, rightly so, shot back and pointed out Ms. Kelly's poor manners. I have been thinking Kelly was a rising star at Fox, but now I think she has deveolped a "big Head" and will, instead, be a roman candle.

It was a low point for Fox News. I am greatly disappointed because I have always held Fox News up for decency and fairness. This debate was neither.

Just my opinion ...


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