Monday, February 08, 2016

LOST DOG: (2/6/16) Vicinity of Pullman-Moscow airport

On Saturday, February 6, about 3pm, she escaped from her kennel at the Pullman-Moscow airport. When last seen she was headed on Northerly direction.

Name: "Tinker"

3-yr old female Queensland Heeler (aka: Australian Cattle Dog)
Shy, gentle and non-aggressive. She will likely be wary of most people because she is lost and afraid. She is from the Los Angeles area and not acquainted with this area or environment.

Weight about 35 lbs. Was last wearing a black harness.

If seen, try to maintain contact and call the Whitman County Humane Society.

(509) 332-3422  (They are aware of the situation)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Gravy Train is about to be de-railed

Why do you think the Republicans are going to try every trick in the book to sabotage the best candidate they have?

Doesn't seem very smart, does it?

I guess to understand, you need to be in Congress. Congressmen get every perk in the world and the lobbyists fall over themselves to "pay-off" congressional members to work for their benefit. It's a great deal ... Money for Influence.

Along comes Donald Trump, who ostensibly, will stop all that.

This means if Trump wins:
  • The people of the United States WIN!
  • Fat Cat bureaucrats LOSE! - The "Gravy Train" would be over.
Now you know the rest of the story.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two simple sentances.

Bombs kill people.

Deceit kills entire nations.

One Potato - Two Potatoes - Three Potatoes - Four!

Lawlessness defined - The US on the verge of a non-hostile takeover.

Last week President Obama announced the US would take in 10,000 Syrian refugees.

(Congress was not consulted, nor did congress do anything after learning about it.)

Over last weekend, President announced that rather than 10,000 Syrians, 100,000 Syrians would be admitted, after "careful scrutiny," of course.)

(Congress was not consulted, nor did congress do anything after learning about it.)

One day later, Obama announced that not 10,000 or !00,000, but rather 200,000 Syrian "refugees" (Pronounced: "Democratic voters") would be admitted.

 (Congress was not consulted, nor did congress do anything after learning about it.)

The Republicans: Dead on their feet!

And the mainstream media are all a twitter about "Trump's War on Women." (No mention of Bill Clinton's "War on Women" and Hillary's tacit approval.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heck of a bargain

It was reported that the US only trained 60 "Rebel Fighters" at a cost to US taxpayers of $500 MILLION dollars.

Then, upon being sent into their first battle against ISIS all of them were either killed or deserted.

I cannot even process this incompetence!

Monday, September 14, 2015

History Lesson in Two Pictures

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ben & Jerry's: I heard about a new flavor

Deer hunting season is about to start.

I was told in honoring the old hunting tradition, Ben & Jerry's has created a new ice cream flavor called "Deer Sign."

"Deer Sign" is a combination of vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips clumped together.

Can this be true?

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Obama Horror Show

Obama wants to stay in power, at all costs, so he devises this script for "The Obama Horror Show."

Part One:
Obama know that Trump and likely Clinton would end this Reign. What he must do is get a "patsie" elected that he can control like a marionette.

Enter Stage Right: Good Old Joe Biden. Obama knows he can indirectly control Joe and Joe will do his bidding. (Stage whisper: Does Obama "have something" on Joe?)

Obama would love to be elected Vice-President, but he know that is not legal and to try changing the rules would be extremely unwise.

Part Two:
It is legal for Obama to run for a State Representative and be elected ... and he know it!  From there, it is not a stretch of the imagination to see Obama subsequently elected Speaker of The House.

Part Three: (Nine Months later)
Good Old Joe Biden, just a few months into his first term, decides being President just is not for him. (Medical issue, blackmail, serious threats ... whatever.) Keep in mind that Biden will be reluctantly running for President, almost like he is being pressured into it.

Part Four: Being Speaker of The House, Obama moves, legally, back into the Oval Office.


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