Sunday, August 30, 2015

Socialism ---> Communism ---> Downfall of the Society

When you hear a politician wax poetically about the "Wonderful Life of Socialism," do you actually think beyond what is being espoused?

When Obama talked about "Hope and Change" or "Fundamentally Changing" America, did you ever think to look "behind the curtain?"

Obviously, many did not.

Many (but fortunately not all) are still clinging to that "Hope and Change" promise and hoping everything will turn out OK, in-spite of rapid fire, everyday disappointments. As long as their iPhone and Facebook page are are still working and churning out needless BS, then everything must still be OK. Right?

Well, it NOT OK!

Promised: The Wonders of Socialism are just around the corner ... a chicken in every pot, nice cars, nice housing and a nice income for everyone. Those greedy old bastards that make all the money by running big successful businesses, you know, the guys that employ most of us, will finally get "what is coming to them" ... Mr. Socialism will seize their ill-gained wealth and re-distribute to the less-successful.

Socialism works great, until, as Margaret Thatcher said, "Until you run out of other peoples money" ... or greedy old bastards to seize their money from. That is the inevitable point where Socialism turns to Communism.

If you have ever read the "Communist Manifesto," by Marx and Engles, you realize Communism means the Government owns and runs everything. No more Nordstrom, no more Safeway, no more McDonald's, no more Amazon, no more Trader Joe's ... only the "Government Store" is available. What is on the shelf is what the Government allows.

Schools: No more Teacher Unions ... only the government printed indoctrination.

So ... how has the wonderful promise of Socialism worked out for the USSR, Nicaragua, Cuba, Italy, China, Laos ... and many others? It all started off the same way: A wonderful appeal to gullible people that were "hoping" other people's money would make their lives better.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. A better life is created only by the person desiring the better life. Honesty, education, hard work.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Scared Stupid

Trump has more "Trump Cards" than all the other "cards" in existence. 

No matter what "card" is played, Trump can Trump it. Knowing this, most politicians, no matter liberal, conservative or libertarian are Scared Stupid!

It is easy for us "spectators" to see the play:

  • Trump appears beholding to no one. He does not have any "benefactors" that expects a quid pro quo for financial contributions. (We simple "spectators" like that ... a lot!)
  • Trump seems to have a great "BS Detector" which easily separates the "wheat from the chaff." 
  • Trump sees the "Political Privileged" for what they are and is intend on ending the reign. (We simple "spectators" like that ... a lot!)
  • The convectional "talking heads" and radio/TV pundits have not recognized they are seeing a "Real Fundamental Change" and it's not the change they had been expecting.
Virtually all the current Political Class are running scared and Running Stupid.

The backrooms in Washington DC are awash in empty pizza boxes, while the "exspurts" gather, pull all-nighters" while trying to devise a strategy to run The Donald out of Town on The Rails. Nothing has worked, so far. Now, they are doing the running, all the while doing stupid thing in their haste to re-define what they previously said.

It is very important for all concerned to eliminate Trump so they can continue with their personal self-importance, wealth building, luxury benefits and deal making. The last thing Washington politicians want is to be required to listen to the citizens and follow the laws of the land.
  • Fox tried to win the game in the first inning. They made a bad call and has paid for it. (Notice a missing major prime-time host?) Trump political stock went up!
  • Other major media outlets have demeaned Trump, using almost every derogatory term they could get away with. Trump stock continues up.
  • Other candidates have called Trump everything from a clown to a jack-ass. They lose ... Trump wins!

What we are seeing, in my opinion is basically a nonviolent revolt against Washington politicians and the minions they control. Likely, an assumed "Coronation" will be indefinitely postponed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Runaway Train

Dateline: November 10, 2016



U.S. News Centers are reporting riots are breaking out throughout the country.

Millions of people do not believe the reported results, based upon the obviously overwhelming support for another, very popular, candidate.

"The Election Was Fixed," protest millions throughout the country.
"We will not recognize these results," state spokesmen for the majority of the protesters.

President Obama, today, announced from an undisclosed location, that because the election has resulted in unrelenting chaos, in order to preserve order, he has signed an Executive Order setting aside the election results and will continue as President until another election can be scheduled.

President Obama stated peaceful order must be established before any future election can be considered.

[The rest of this message has been deleted, by request of the government]

Oh My!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Fox Ambush

I watched the first Presidential debate, hosted by Fox. Please understand this: I like Fox news and I watch it almost continually ... when the TV is on. I even wrote a previous blog post about Fox.

But, I was aghast on Tuesday at the way the Fox "Moderators" handled the show. I thought the Candy Crowley debate problem, from a prior Presidential Debate, was a new low, but Fox did her one better. (lower?)

The very first question, on opening, was to ask all the candidates if they would support the Republican nominee, regardless of who it was. They were asked to raise their hand if they would NOT support that candidate.

Here is the problem: They knew full well, before the debate even started, that only Trump fit in that category. The purpose, and only purpose, was to ambush Trump and try to embarass and knock him off balance. It didn't work!

The next Dirty Trick, shortly following, was for Ms. Kelly to recite some "not so PC statements" Trump made about women. She even twisted a statement he made on Celebrity Apprentice, which infered a crude act. If they had researched the statement (maybe they did, but chose to twist it anyway ... I have no clue) they would have discovered the actual context had nothing to do that was untoward. It was just another Cheap Trick to denegrate Trump.

Trump, rightly so, shot back and pointed out Ms. Kelly's poor manners. I have been thinking Kelly was a rising star at Fox, but now I think she has deveolped a "big Head" and will, instead, be a roman candle.

It was a low point for Fox News. I am greatly disappointed because I have always held Fox News up for decency and fairness. This debate was neither.

Just my opinion ...

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

800 New Regulators Needed. (Apply within)

Obama's Clean Power Plan Is Costly Political Theater
By Paul Albaugh · Aug. 4, 2015

On Monday, Barack Obama announced new rules for his long-dreaded Clean Power Plan. This past spring, we warned that Obama’s agenda to combat global warming would be finalized during the hottest days of summer. As with almost every other agenda under Obama, it’s even worse than expected — and all to prevent warming of 0.01 degrees Celsius.

Winston Churchill once said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” And make no mistake: Obama’s plan has little or nothing to do with climate and everything to do with his social justice worldview, in which he wants to handicap the U.S. ostensibly to the benefit of the rest of the world.

As for the details, according to The Wall Street Journal, the new rule “would require a 32% cut in power-plant carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 from 2005 levels, an increase from the 30% target proposed last year.” According to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, the estimated annual cost by 2030 will be $8.4 billion. But keep in mind that government estimates are always low.

The new regulations will require states to create a plan to reduce power-plant emissions in order to reach the nationwide carbon reduction target. The state compliance plans are supposed to be completed by 2018, and states should reach their first targets for reduction by 2022. If a state doesn’t comply, then it will be forced by the EPA to adopt a federal plan. [Roger: Like Obamacare]

The Journal further notes, “The final rule calls for the nation to get 28% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2030, versus roughly 13% last year. Industry experts say cutting carbon emissions 32% by 2030 will require billions of dollars in investments for new transmission lines that accommodate more solar and wind power and new pipelines to feed natural-gas-fired power plants, as coal becomes less important as a fuel.”

However, new pipelines for natural gas won’t be necessary. Obama has called natural gas a “bridge fuel” and has hailed its use as a way for the nation to move away from coal in the quest toward renewable energy. But the final version of Obama’s plan does not increase the use of natural gas; it maintains current levels. So he’s slamming the door shut on coal, and, while he’s at it, stopping the expansion of the use of natural gas. Obama’s leaving no room for more jobs to be created in the private sector.

But hey, since there will be new regulations to enforce, the EPA will need more manpower. Indeed, Obama’s EPA announced that it will hire an additional 800 new regulators. Obviously, 15,000 EPA workers aren’t enough to enforce the proposed regulations. It just shows how much Obama cares about creating jobs, right? Washington jobs, that is, which by the way will assist in putting private sector companies out of business for not complying with EPA demands. This is not quite what we would call the American Dream.

Neither is the cost of complying with the EPA’s proposal. Obama once admitted that, under his plan, energy prices would necessarily skyrocket. A study by the Energy Information Administration confirms that’s exactly what’s happening. If Obama’s plan is implemented, electricity prices will rise on average 4%, though some higher estimates predict increases of 12%-17%. Regardless, Americans will pay more, which doesn’t bode well for those struggling to make ends meet.

Yet the issue of climate change is more important to Obama than those struggling today. He wants it to be part of his legacy of fundamentally transforming America. Ahead of the climate change summit in Paris later this year, he wants to be seen as leading the way on combating emissions. He wants to be seen as the leader who saved the planet from capitalism. In addition, as with all issues, he wants environmental stewardship to be a divisive political game.

Why is it that liberal elites in the Democratic Party are portrayed as the authorities on all things environment? Why is it that conservatives and members of the Republican Party are portrayed as anti-science deniers, as haters of the environment, as if we delight in destroying the planet?

The short answer is that it gives an additional platform for Democrats. It provides an agenda for more control over how we live our lives. It becomes a wedge issue to drive votes in elections. And it pits state sovereignty against federal authority.

Fortunately, at least for now, many state governments have resisted the EPA power plan and Obama’s climate change agenda. Many state governments have insisted they will not comply, as it will ruin their economies. The issue will likely make it to the courts, and we hope the Supreme Court will rebuke the EPA once again, as it did in Michigan v. EPA. Liberty depends on reigning in the EPA, not emissions.

[Roger: The "not so hidden" plan is to have unelected government bureaucrats pass regulations to "Fundamentally Change America," so that Obama does not have to take the heat for it ... or deal with Congress. It's called "Trashing the Constitution."]

Follow The Money Trail

Follow The Money Trail ... right to every Presidential candidiates pocket, EXCEPT ONE!

Every candidate, except one, accumulates substantial "contributions" from special Interests to finance their presidential aspirations. No large contributor gives a candidate money, just out of largess. Of course not: They expect, and will receive, special consideration for their area of interest.

This is what determines what laws are passed, what regulations are issued and who is prosecuted - and who isn't. No wonder our country is a mess of entanglements. Tax laws are selectively created and enforced to benefit, not the American People, but rather the "special interests."

Take the coal industry: "Clean Coal" measures have been implemented by the coal industry that are proven to be effective, yet our government is regulating coal out of business. Why: Because coal is very economical and "green" donors want their more expensive and profitable (to some!) technology to be given a higher priority. In my opinion the phony "Climate Change" dogma is part and parcel of the money trail.

[It is virtually beyond comprehension when Obama tells us the "Climate Change" is the biggest threat facing our country. There are "boat loads of money" changing hands over this hoax.]

Keystone Pipeline: It makes sense for everyone except Warren Buffet. (Ever heard of him? One of the world's wealthiest persons and a huge Obama supporter.) I think Mr. Buffet owns and operates a rail system that transports the oil that would otherwise be piped through the Keystone pipeline. See the "money trail?"

Donald Trump is, to my knowledge, the ONLY candidate that will not be beholding to special interests. Regardless of all the other petty complaints against Trump, for this single reason alone, I wholeheartedly support TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.

Ps: Some detractors say Trump is not knowledgeable about a lot of other Presidential matters, such as foreign affairs. (See note, below, LOL) A great leader does not need to know how complicated things work. A great leader selects others who do know and makes decision based upon those experts.

Do you think Trump actually knows how they constructed Trump Towers? Do you think Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, could personally build a Corvette? The common thread is: They know how to select a knowledgeable and honest team to accomplish the task, at hand.)

(Note: Bill Clinton is probably best acquainted with "foreign affairs.")

Monday, August 03, 2015

We don't need any stinking justification

Sunday, August 02, 2015

How to Attract More Democratic Voters

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