Thursday, July 30, 2015

End of the Road?

My Fear:

Obama stated, at the very beginning, he wanted to "Fundamentally Change America." Many "low information" people just did not hear that or , upon hearing, thought, "that sounds like a good idea."

Well, how is that working out for you now?

  • Maybe you like the saturation importation of illegal aliens.
  • Maybe you like the high premium and out-of-sight deductible for your health insurance? Almost worthless, huh?
  • Maybe you like the way the Iranians are being favored over our own people.
  • Maybe you like the way our Government agencies are fleecing our own people.
  • Maybe you like the way many of our congressional representatives appear to be lying to us.
  • Maybe you like the way our Constitution is being bypassed and trashed.
  • And on and on ...
Please, please wake up and see what is fundamentally changing! We are just about at the end of the road and if this con-job continues, America, as we know and love it, will simply ease to exist.

In my opinion, Obama and his hidden backers, are completely committed to destroying our country and will do whatever possible to insure continuing Democratic, Socialistic, Communistic control over our beautiful country.

Whatever possible!

And believe me, you may be shockingly surprised at what actions falls under the category of "whatever is possible."

The ducks are all being lined up right NOW and when most people wake up and realize the game is over ... it will be over. Over and Unrecoverable.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hard working Illegal Immigrants Aliens

Obama tells us the illegal aliens are hard working, tax paying, people that contribute to the success of America.

The US Government just revealed the for every ONE dollar the alien give us in taxes, we give them TWO dollars in benefits.

With a deal like that, who would not want to get to the US, by any means.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The more they pile on, the higher Trump's rating go up.

Folks are tired ... TIRED ... of mealy-mouth politicians.

My advice: Jump on Trump at your own risk!

Those that say Trump will drop out at the last minute, may, or may not be right. I sure would not "bet the farm" on Trump fading out.

Like we used to say in the military, Trump "Kicks Ass and Takes Names!"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Guess Who Wins with a $15 per hour pay raise?

With all the hoopla over raising the Minimum Wage to $15 per hour, many are Singing The Praise for this likely Great Event.

Let's take a look at the Bottom Line and who wins:

A long standing means of figuring out Who Wins is to "follow the money."

The employer increases the wage for an employee from $7.50 to $10.00 per hour.

  • The Employer, in order to pay this increased wage, will increase the price of their goods or services. Anyone purchasing these goods or services will automatically pay a higher price. Pay raise diminished!
  •  Other businesses, seeing more money apparently available from the "lucky" employee, will likewise raise the cost of their goods or services. After all, businesses are in business to maximize return. Pay raise diminished!
  • Rents will also be raised ... because the employee now has more money to pay rent. Other real estate will also "magically" become more expensive. Pay raise diminished!
  •  What do you think will happen to the gas stations in the areas where the new pay scale is implemented? (Go up, you think?) Pay raise diminished!

FANFARE: The real winner will be Local, State and Federal Governments because of higher incomes, tax revenue will increase.

(Funny how governments were the biggest proponent of a higher minimum wage because it was "fair and they need the added income for living expense." Unfortunately, the now richer employee now will have less disposable income.)

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Snowball Rolling Downhill

As a snowball rolls downhill, it gathers more snow, speeds up and eventually breaks apart.

Enter Stage Right: Greece

It looks like two forces are merging:

Greece appears to have no inclination to cut back on their perks and spending, but are quite comfortable asking the European Union to pay for their pleasure.

In order to avert a real disaster "on their watch," the current EU leaders seem prepared to, again, bail Greece out.

The snowball is gathering more snow and speeding up.

Sooner or later: Exit Stage Left, with a flourish.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Big Fat Greek Party

As the UK's Margaret Thacher famously said, "It (Socialism) works fine until you run out of other people's money."

For years, Greece has been handing out very generous benefits. These benefits easily exceeded their ability to fund. Everyone knew this, but did nothing because "The People Wanted It." (Where have I heard that before ... ?)

Greece has ran out of OPM. (Other Peoples Money). With this in mind, they decided to vote: They voted to continue, as is ... no austerity ... no cut-backs ... no changes. That was pretty gutsy!

Today, they partied like an out-of-control Greek wedding, celebrating "You aren't going to push us around." I believe the party will be very short lived. Likely, within the week, most facilities, banks and stores will be dark, unless they can find more OPM. The hangover from the party will be severe and long-lived.

However, it looks like the Bank of OPM is shut!

The US problem, in one way is like Greece and in another way, very different. Greece is, as of today, part of the European Union. This means their currency is the Euro and they have no way to obtain more Euros, other than through taxes or borrowing. Since they do not control the Euro, they cannot simply print more. Furthermore, the Greeks are not known for their propensity to pay taxes. At this point, little tax revenue is coming in, businesses are shutting down and people will be soon running out of necessities.

Greece has "Flamed-Out" and is on a glide path for a crash landing.

Here in the US, our benefits and operating expenses also are far outstripping our ability to fund them ... with Obama promising even more goodies every day, which we obviously cannot pay for. The Government tells us that a $20 Trillion deficit (OPM) is no problem. That was the same thing the Greek government said. Here in the US, we have the Golden Goose: We can happily print new dollars, to our heart's content. Yes, there is supposed to be a limit, but so far, neither the US nor Fed seem troubled be this illegal excess. (No surprise here. It lately seems very "progressive" to ignore the law.)

We can keep printing money until it gets so obvious that this is not working out very well. Sooner or later, we will not be able to find more suckers to pay higher, taxes, countries to loan us more money or buy our bonds.

By the way: The government fibs to us by saying the deficit is around $20 Trillion, but by some actuaries, the real deficit is closer to $205 Trillion. No one want to talk about this because it is totally catastrophic and would send all financial markets running away with their hair on fire.

Bottom Line: In spending excess, we are like Greece ... maybe even worse. In our ability to harvest money off trees, we are unstoppable ... until we kill the tree. (I see the bark breaking away already ... a sure sign of stress!)

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Fox News

A couple of weeks ago, I was having breakfast with a very special person. We were talking about a few of the controversial subjects, such as Global Warming/Global Cooling/Climate Change (call it whatever you want to make an issue of it) and out-of-the-blue he made the statement, "You have to stop listening to Fox News!" Obviously, this was intended to imply I was being fed a bunch of baloney by Fox News.

I do listen to Fox News ... a lot. I also listen to liberal/progressive radio on Sirius Satellite Radio. On the Internet, The Drudge Report is my home page. (Drudge is another issue, I mention at the end.)

Only by listening and reading many different flavors of media, can a person "separate the wheat from the chaff." If you only listen to NPR, MSNBC and ABC, (All Barack Channel) et al., you will never get much more than the liberal, government line. Far too many people never question what is said, because they neither understand the subject nor care enough to be concerned.

I asked this person, "Do you ever listen to Fox News," because if you do you will understand that in virtually every interview, both side of a discussion are usually presented, something that is extinct or very rare in the MSM (Main Stream Media.) "Oh Yes, I listen to Fox News." Me: "What to you listen to?" "I listen to Bill O'Reilly, once in a while, but I can't stand him ... He is always talking over his guests and cutting them off." "Do you know why that is," I asked? I explained that each guest, no matter their position on the subject, is asked to stick very closely to the subject and be brief, because of tight program timing. When a guest starts wandering off or interrupting, O'Reilly jumps in and tries to gain control and get back on the subject. This happens frequently.

Be that, or not, from the rest of the conversation, it was obvious to me my friend really has no idea what Fox News is all about.

Drudge: Many liberals hate Matt Drudge, who just happens to have the most visited news outlet in the world. Why would you hate Drudge? He does not write the articles or links. He is simply a "news consolidator." He finds other relevant and interesting pieces that other media, either deliberately or accidentally pass over, and posts it on his page. For whatever reason, the MSM seem to pass over many important conservative subjects and therefore Drudge picks them up.

When I listen, I try to see if there is a slant to what is being said, and if so, who is the beneficiary of the inaccuracy. It has stead me well.

Have a good Independence Day. Remember what the 4th is all about.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Trump Tough

Trump is exactly what our country needs: No more “we gotta do this …” and no one ever seems to get around to the “gotta” part. It reminds me of a sticker I recently saw on the hand dryer in a restroom. The sticker read, “PUSH BUTTON TO HEAR A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT.” I pushed the button, pretty well anticipating the results ...  And, of course, a loud rush of hot air. LMAO!

Trump is like no one, in my lifetime, that has ran for President,. “When the need is apparent, a savior will appear.”

I think the Liberal Democrats (LD’s) are crapping their pants/panties over the prospect that Hillary would have to debate Trump. (Can you just imagine that?) I think Hillary would be reduced to ground nutmeg.

A debate would be interesting, however, it likely will never happen because the LD’s are going to do whatever needed to prevent that … WHATEVER NEEDED! It is starting already.

The first line of attack is to promote the idea that Trump is a dead-issue and has no chance. (Implication: Why should you be interested, when no one else is.) I saw an online poll yesterday, from an “important sounding” pollster. The leader, believe it or not, was Romney. (Romney … He isn’t even running!) Trump was near the end of the list of about twenty names. The poll listed Sarah Palin (Who also isn’t running.) ahead of Trump. What a joke!

The next attack is to convince, or pressure, people or companies that do business with Trump to dump him. Wasted effort: Do you really think he cares?

Trump is rich, tough and driven … we NEED TRUMP!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

F-35: Good example of government mismanagement

McNamara’s TFX, all over again … only even a bigger, more expensive blunder. Just another example of why the government cannot manage.

In my opinion, the best course of action would be to dump the F-35, ASAP, and buy more A-10’s F-15’s, F-16’s and FA-18’s. Each is well designed for a specific role … and do it well.

Speaking as a seasoned Forward Air Controller, I shudder to think about an F-35 used for close-air-support. Ain’t gonna happen!


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