Thursday, September 30, 2004

Web Cam

Available on an ad hoc basis is my Linksys web cam. It's real time, but you never know where it will be looking. Sometimes it watches birds feeding and at other times, it checks the weather. It may watch us work in our office. At times, when travelling, we use it as a web-available security cam.

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If you can't connect, it is probably for one of two reasons:

1) The camera is OFF.
2) Your browser and/or firewall security settings are too restrictive.

If you still have a problem, add a comment to the note and I'll try to help you. Oh yes ... if the screen is BLACK, it might just be night. LOL


"I Have A Plan" ... or is it a Dream?

I watched the debate. "Where is the beef"? I didn't hear any plan ... did you? Sen. Kerry repeatedly said he had a plan, but when the moderator asked him to be SPECIFIC ... no specifics.

Just before the final curtain, Sen. Kerry said he agreed with the President that Saddam WAS a threat while all during the debate, he reiterated that Saddam was not the threat - Osamma was!

I nominate Sen. Kerry as a burger flipper at McDonalds. He should set records.

Bush chats with Kerry

Tonight is the first of the Presidential Debates ... Maybe better named, "Presidential Chats." From what I've heard, it's so tightly scripted that no suprises, of any kind, will entertain the viewers. Too bad!
I heard one pundit say: "What the President should say, right off the bat, is, 'Mr. Kerry, everyone in the WORLD knows what I think about Iraq ... and what I'm doing about it. It seems that no one knows what you would do, so, Mr. Kerry, I'll yield ALL my time - the rest of this debate - to you so you can explain to the world what you would do differently.' Mr. Kerry, 'the ball is in your court.'"

Although the "rules" of the debate prohibit this, wouldn't it be interesting ... to say the least.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Dateline September 22, 2004: Jacquie and I are starting a 15-week class, "Spanish for the Workplace." Our professor is Senor Green ... a very cool instructor. Starting out, it's pretty scary, but as we progress, I think it will be a lot of fun. In a few weeks we'll be paired with another class, "English as a Second Language" i.e., folks that speak Spanish and are learning English.
... Hasta Luego muchachos

Welcome to "Night Noise."

Sometimes, in the late, quiet evening, it just seems like a good time to flow out a few thoughts. Some will make sense ... some maybe a little esoteric - Like "Night Noise." Your thoughts will be welcome additions ... Just click "comments".

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