Friday, August 21, 2015

Scared Stupid

Trump has more "Trump Cards" than all the other "cards" in existence. 

No matter what "card" is played, Trump can Trump it. Knowing this, most politicians, no matter liberal, conservative or libertarian are Scared Stupid!

It is easy for us "spectators" to see the play:

  • Trump appears beholding to no one. He does not have any "benefactors" that expects a quid pro quo for financial contributions. (We simple "spectators" like that ... a lot!)
  • Trump seems to have a great "BS Detector" which easily separates the "wheat from the chaff." 
  • Trump sees the "Political Privileged" for what they are and is intend on ending the reign. (We simple "spectators" like that ... a lot!)
  • The convectional "talking heads" and radio/TV pundits have not recognized they are seeing a "Real Fundamental Change" and it's not the change they had been expecting.
Virtually all the current Political Class are running scared and Running Stupid.

The backrooms in Washington DC are awash in empty pizza boxes, while the "exspurts" gather, pull all-nighters" while trying to devise a strategy to run The Donald out of Town on The Rails. Nothing has worked, so far. Now, they are doing the running, all the while doing stupid thing in their haste to re-define what they previously said.

It is very important for all concerned to eliminate Trump so they can continue with their personal self-importance, wealth building, luxury benefits and deal making. The last thing Washington politicians want is to be required to listen to the citizens and follow the laws of the land.
  • Fox tried to win the game in the first inning. They made a bad call and has paid for it. (Notice a missing major prime-time host?) Trump political stock went up!
  • Other major media outlets have demeaned Trump, using almost every derogatory term they could get away with. Trump stock continues up.
  • Other candidates have called Trump everything from a clown to a jack-ass. They lose ... Trump wins!

What we are seeing, in my opinion is basically a nonviolent revolt against Washington politicians and the minions they control. Likely, an assumed "Coronation" will be indefinitely postponed.


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