Sunday, August 30, 2015

Socialism ---> Communism ---> Downfall of the Society

When you hear a politician wax poetically about the "Wonderful Life of Socialism," do you actually think beyond what is being espoused?

When Obama talked about "Hope and Change" or "Fundamentally Changing" America, did you ever think to look "behind the curtain?"

Obviously, many did not.

Many (but fortunately not all) are still clinging to that "Hope and Change" promise and hoping everything will turn out OK, in-spite of rapid fire, everyday disappointments. As long as their iPhone and Facebook page are are still working and churning out needless BS, then everything must still be OK. Right?

Well, it NOT OK!

Promised: The Wonders of Socialism are just around the corner ... a chicken in every pot, nice cars, nice housing and a nice income for everyone. Those greedy old bastards that make all the money by running big successful businesses, you know, the guys that employ most of us, will finally get "what is coming to them" ... Mr. Socialism will seize their ill-gained wealth and re-distribute to the less-successful.

Socialism works great, until, as Margaret Thatcher said, "Until you run out of other peoples money" ... or greedy old bastards to seize their money from. That is the inevitable point where Socialism turns to Communism.

If you have ever read the "Communist Manifesto," by Marx and Engles, you realize Communism means the Government owns and runs everything. No more Nordstrom, no more Safeway, no more McDonald's, no more Amazon, no more Trader Joe's ... only the "Government Store" is available. What is on the shelf is what the Government allows.

Schools: No more Teacher Unions ... only the government printed indoctrination.

So ... how has the wonderful promise of Socialism worked out for the USSR, Nicaragua, Cuba, Italy, China, Laos ... and many others? It all started off the same way: A wonderful appeal to gullible people that were "hoping" other people's money would make their lives better.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. A better life is created only by the person desiring the better life. Honesty, education, hard work.


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