Thursday, September 03, 2015

Obama Horror Show

Obama wants to stay in power, at all costs, so he devises this script for "The Obama Horror Show."

Part One:
Obama know that Trump and likely Clinton would end this Reign. What he must do is get a "patsie" elected that he can control like a marionette.

Enter Stage Right: Good Old Joe Biden. Obama knows he can indirectly control Joe and Joe will do his bidding. (Stage whisper: Does Obama "have something" on Joe?)

Obama would love to be elected Vice-President, but he know that is not legal and to try changing the rules would be extremely unwise.

Part Two:
It is legal for Obama to run for a State Representative and be elected ... and he know it!  From there, it is not a stretch of the imagination to see Obama subsequently elected Speaker of The House.

Part Three: (Nine Months later)
Good Old Joe Biden, just a few months into his first term, decides being President just is not for him. (Medical issue, blackmail, serious threats ... whatever.) Keep in mind that Biden will be reluctantly running for President, almost like he is being pressured into it.

Part Four: Being Speaker of The House, Obama moves, legally, back into the Oval Office.



At September 03, 2015, Blogger Patrick said...

Wonderful first step into your career writing fantasy novels! You should be proud.

A plot flaw though: the speaker of the house does not ascend to the presidency if the president resigns. Remember Gerald Ford?

At September 04, 2015, Blogger Roger Daisley said...

Actually, Patrick, you are correct. The Speaker would only ascend to the Presidency if BOTH the offices of the President and Vice President were vacated. Could happen.


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